Water-Sprinkling Festival

Every year, a water-sprinkling festival is held in different countries. People play with water and give themselves a happy day. In some countries, this ceremony is considered one of their most popular ceremonies, which are held in the hot seasons of the year. You will surely agree that there is nothing better to do in the summer than playing in the water. In ancient Iran, in different months of the year, special festivals were held on different occasions. One of these festivals was held at the same time as the beginning of summer and on July 1, called the water-sprinkling festival.

On the occasion of celebrating this day, on July 1, 1401, the DoosteAutism charity invited children and educators from different centers under its support to this celebration and witnessed their smiles and satisfaction. Play and happiness are the right of all children. When children are playing in the water, they can spend a long time exploring and playing. This game can encourage children to focus, and any activity that attracts a child’s attention for a long time helps to increase his attention span and ability to concentrate later in life. After a hard day as a small creature in a big world, our children find relaxation and fun in water play. We are happy that we can provide excellent and joyful moments for children with autism disorder and their families.


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