Do you know that one child out of every 54 births is born with autism spectrum disorder?

Children usually learn essential life skills in the natural development process without enormous rehabilitation costs. Still, every autistic child needs 4 to 10 hours of training per week to learn skills such as going to the bathroom, dressing, etc.

Also, considering the high rate of depression in people with autism spectrum disorder, which is often caused by not being accepted in society and not having the opportunity to interact correctly with others, the importance of receiving training and timely intervention is much higher. Because if autistic people do not receive the interventions and training, they need in childhood, receiving it in adulthood will be useless in many cases.

تصویر حمایت مالی

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Your donations will provide the best and most up-to-date educational and support services to children with autism spectrum disorder and their dear families to live a more comfortable and less worried life. We are hoping for a day when no child with Autism spectrum disorder should not be deprived of appropriate education due to the lack of access to proper specialized services or the high cost of training classes.

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