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خدمات حمایتی

Supporting Services

One of the services of the DoosteAutism (Friend of Autism) charity organization is the preparation and donation of support packs and assistance to the member families with the help of our dear supporters in the charity, which are given to the families on different occasions such as Ramadan, Yalda Night, Nowruz, etc.
To the extent possible, we are here to respond to a part of the concern of these loved ones.

Diagnostic and specialized evaluations

In cooperation with autism experts, we consider diagnostic evaluation programs and specialized evaluations of speech therapy, sensory-motor occupational therapy, etc., for children. After the evaluation sessions, the families are guided by experts about the interventions their child needs and how to receive them.


Information service


Information service other services of the DoosteAutism (Friend of Autism) charity include organizing various events in arcades, subways, airports, etc., preparing and translating content in the field of autism (including books, posters, brochures, etc.), to raise parents’ awareness and provide information for everyone.

Free educational services

Considering that all children, including children with autism spectrum disorder, have the right to use quality and appropriate education, in this regard, with the help of esteemed donors, we provide the opportunity to benefit from proper education in our supported clinics for low-income families. We provide for those who cannot receive training for their children.

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Autism Experts scholarship

Also, we provide a scholarship to one enthusiastic person who does not have the conditions to pay for our Autism Experts Training course so that the opportunity to participate in these courses is also possible for less fortunate people.

Free medical services

We are proud to have doctors and health experts by our side who are familiar with autism and the conditions of autistic people and have a correct understanding of how to deal with autistic children and their families. These loved ones are periodically invited to our charity to be with autism families in various fields, including periodic blood tests, dental services, optometry, audiometry, etc.

خدمات پزشکی

Help to Develop and launch Clinics

One of the essential services of the DoosteAutism (Friend of Autism) charity organization is establishing clinics supported by Friend of Autism. All stages of setting up, equipping, and training the expert staff are managed and planned by the DoosteAutism Charity. With the development team’s efforts, two rehabilitation centers supported by the DoosteAutism in Qazvin and Golestan provinces have reached the stage of launching. Now we are trying to expand the facilities and launch these centers in other cities.

راه اندازی مراکز

Social work Helping and consulting services

The Dooste Autism (Friend of Autism) charity also provides the possibility of using counseling services for families with autistic children. These services are provided by counselors and psychologists who have a complete understanding of autism and its conditions, in addition to evaluating the support of families to give them the help they need.

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