Autism Tutor Training Courses

Given the rising prevalence of Autism worldwide (1 in 36 births), families grappling with autism face a significant challenge due to the scarcity of tutors specialized in teaching children on the autism spectrum. Since 2018, we have implemented a novel and globally applicable method for training tutors at Friend of Autism clinics across Iran. This initiative aims to expedite the training process, aligning it with the specific needs of families with autistic children.

The Friend of Autism Tutor Training Course is an intensive three-month program designed to equip tutors with the necessary skills for recognizing and instructing children with autism spectrum disorders. The course encompasses all theoretical and practical aspects required to identify and teach children with autism spectrum disorders. This comprehensive training equips tutors with the skills and knowledge essential for effectively supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.

خدمات حمایتی

Supporting Services

The Friend of Autism Foundation provides a service that involves assembling and distributing support packs and aid to our member families with the generous assistance of our valued supporters. These support packs are offered to families on occasions such as Ramadan, Yalda Night, Nowruz, and more. We aim to alleviate some of the concerns these cherished individuals face to the best of our ability.

Diagnostic and Specialized Evaluations

In cooperation with autism experts, we consider diagnostic evaluation programs and specialized evaluations of speech therapy, sensory-motor occupational therapy, etc., for children. After the evaluation sessions, the families are guided by experts about the interventions their child needs and how to receive them.


Public Relations


Members of the Friend of Autism Foundation have actively conducted public relations activities online and in-person. Awareness initiatives in public spaces, including shopping malls, parks, and public events, involve the distribution of brochures and delivering speeches on the subject. Additionally, the Friend of Autism team consistently generates informative content about autism, informing others about the latest developments in this field. Our team is also translating the most recent scientific texts, including articles and books on autism.

Free Educational Services

Considering that all children, including children with autism spectrum disorder, have the right to use quality and appropriate education, in this regard, with the help of esteemed supporters, we provide the opportunity to benefit from proper education in our supported clinics for low-income families. We provide for those who cannot receive training for their children.

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Free medical services

We take pride in having the support of doctors and health experts who possess a deep understanding of autism and the unique conditions experienced by autistic individuals. They are well-versed in appropriately interacting with autistic children and their families. These esteemed professionals are regularly invited to assist families in various areas, such as periodic blood tests, dental services, optometry, audiometry, and more.

خدمات پزشکی

Growing Centers and Collaborating in the Autism Field

One of the essential services of the Friend of Autism Foundation is establishing clinics supported by the Friend of Autism. All stages of setting up, equipping, and training the expert staff are managed and planned by the Friend of Autism Foundation. With the development team’s efforts, two centers supported by the Friend of Autism Foundation in Qazvin, Alborz, Tehran, and Golestan provinces have been launched. Also, Mashhad and Yazd centers will be opened soon, and services will be expanded to these parts of the country.

We collaborate with other organizations to establish and equip autism service centers. Additionally, we offer consultancy and training services to tutors and specialists working in the field of autism within these partner institutions.

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Social Work and Consulting Services

The Friend of Autism Foundation offers counseling services for families with autistic children. These services, delivered by counselors and psychologists well-versed in autism, encompass comprehensive evaluations to identify the specific support families require, ensuring they receive the assistance they need.